Our Flavors

Dairy free + Paleo + Vegan + Low Sugar

Strawberry + Rose

Blueberry + Lavender

Bourbon + Vanilla

Plain + Simple


We love plants

We created these yogurts as an alternative to the high starch, gum-filled, sugary yogurts that line the grocery shelves.  Not only are the yogurts dairy free, they're 100% plant based.  We only use organic coconuts and source the highest quality ingredients possible


Our non-traditional flavors appropriately reflect our non-traditional yogurt.  Opting for complexity and nuance, we've paired familiar berry tastes with fresh floral note, creating brand new experiences. 

For the nostalgic yogurt fan, we've also crafted a rich Bourbon Vanilla that pairs well with any granola and a Plain + Simple flavor devoid of any added sugar, resembling a tangy greek yogurt, perfect on it's own or used in savory dishes.


Nutrition Panels