a delicious dairy free yogurt


our Story

At Kokonut, we make delicious, dairy free yogurts. You’ll never find refined sugars, preservatives, starches, GMO's or artificial ingredients in any of our products. All of our yogurts are derived from organic coconuts, using the freshest ingredients possible. From parfaits to dips and spreads, Kokonut Yogurts are a great dairy free substitute in a wide spectrum of recipes. 


Kokonut Yogurt came about through a long struggle with health issues. When founder, Erin Asaad, discovered her dairy allergy, she decided to make changes in her life. Dealing with her health issues through alternative routes, she began experimenting with different diets, incorporating dairy free products in her meals. She was disappointed with the taste and quality of ingredients in the dairy free yogurts on the shelves, so she began making her own. Erin launched Kokonut Yogurts to provide people with a dairy free option that tastes delicious without compromising quality. 


Our yogurts come in several different flavors: Natural, Bourbon Vanilla, Strawberry Rose, and Blueberry Lavender.